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Dinner For Mary

Just an ordinary guy who cooks delicious, healthy, real food for his wife.

It started out of necessity. Mary's commute home from work was much longer than mine, so I was usually the one getting dinner started. I would post pictures of the food I was making for her on social media, starting each post with the phrase, "Dinner for Mary:"

Before I knew it, people were not only loving the meals I was coming up with, but they couldn't wait to find out what dinner for Mary was going to be every night. Since we are focused on eating a clean and healthy diet, I challenged myself to try and make all of our favorite meals in the cleanest and healthiest way possible.

So, @dinnerformary was born on Instagram; a gallery of all of the healthy creations I make for Mary. There was such a great response to the account, and many of my followers were asking for a cookbook so they could make all of my mouthwatering meals themselves.

Well, here it is. The Dinner For Mary guide to cooking delicious, healthy, real food like I do for my wife. Bon Appétit!


Ben Ceccarelli

Domestic Chef

Cooking is my happy place.

I have never worked in a restaurant. I didn't attend a culinary institute, and I've never trained with master chefs. What I did was make a decision to learn on my own how to make the healthiest, cleanest, and most delicious food I could for my wife and myself.


Food is the only thing that we knowingly put in our bodies, and food is the only thing that fuels us, giving us the energy to live. So, making sure that fuel is as clean as possible is super important to living healthier and happier. However, this doesn't mean that the food we eat needs to be boring and bland.

I spent the last 10 years coming up with amazing ways to make really diverse and delicious meals that are also super healthy and rid the body of inflammation and disease.

Buddhists believe that when chefs prepare food for others, their energy gets absorbed into the food, giving the food medicinal and healing qualities. I like to think that the secret ingredient in the food I make, is love. It's why everybody smiles uncontrollably after they take the first bite.

The Dinner For Mary guide to cooking delicious, healthy, real food, is available for purchase!

The book features:

-The Journey

-The Tools

-The Essentials

- Ben's Top 40 recipes!

Featuring full-page color photos of the food!

Click on the "BUY NOW!" button and order yours today!

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